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Advanced Services

TCT has the advanced services your business needs, from large to small jobs. Whether you need server colocation, special circuit for your network, or a commercial cabling project, TCT has the technology to get the job done.

Running out of server room? We can help! Let’s talk server colocation. Need faster internet speeds with a custom circuit? We can make it happen, even if it isn’t located in our service area. Want a special line installed? We have you covered.

Let our team help you grow!

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Server Colocation

Need more space for your network equipment? Take advantage of our controlled environment facility where rack space is available today!

Special Circuits and ETS

We offer T1, DS1, DS3, MPLS, TLS and other Ethernet-based connections for your single or multi-location business.

Residential and Commercial Cabling

In 2015, TCT placed over 200 fiber, cable, and aerial installations for our residential customers as well as commercial jobs.