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Manage My Phone Features

With Manage My Phone, you can…

Manage Your Calls with Call Manager

  • Manage your voice mails.
  • Send a voicemail.
  • View all missed calls, received calls and dialed calls.
  • Establish a contact list that can be accessed company-wide.
  • Set up reminders so a certain number is called to remind you or a co-worker of something.
  • Have all your voicemails sent to your E-mail
  • Reject calls from anonymous callers.
  • Place a telephone call using your computer.

Manage Conference Calls

  • Establish a conference call on the spot — no reservation required.
  • Record your conversations in a .wav format for download via the web interface.
  • Mute participants as needed.
  • Secure your conference call with a roll call and lock function.

Program Your Calls to Follow You Wherever You Go

  • Have your calls forwarded to a designated number, which you can change as often as you like.
  • Establish a pattern that you wish calls to follow to make sure they reach you (for example: ring your desk first, then your cell phone telephone, then your home phone telephone, etc.).