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Multi-Party Calling Features

3-Way Calling

3-Way Calling allows you to talk to different people at the same time, add a second caller to your call, or put one caller on hold while you place a second call. This feature can be used for both local and long distance calls.

To Use 3-Way Calling:

  1. Put your first call on hold by pressing and releasing the “flash” button or hook switch.
  2. You will hear 3 brief tones and then a dial tone. Place your second call.
  3. When that person answers, you may talk privately at that time if you wish. To connect both of you to the first call, quickly press and release the “flash” button or hook switch. All three parties will be connected.
  4. If the third person’s line is busy or not answered, press the “flash” button or hook switch to return to the original call.
  5. The first call will end when that person hangs up.
  6. The second call will end when you press and release the “flash” button or hook switch.
  7. Both calls end when you hang up.