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Residential Security Services

TCT can help keep your home safe, even when you’re away. Our security service features include keyless entry and motion detectors as well as wireless thermostat controls and even the ability to unlock doors remotely. Whatever the level of home security you’re after, TCT can work with you from start to finish so you can feel safer at home, or away.

Talk to our friendly sales team today about what package is right for you, starting at just $34.99 per month!

For more information read our common Security Services FAQs.

Available Packages:

Basic Package

  • Security panel with wireless capability: The brain that controls your entire system.
  • Keypad: Controls the security portion of the system. It will arm and disarm the system.
  • Security sensor: Allows the system to notify you when it has been triggered.
  • Siren: Alerts you audibly when the system is in alarm.

Interactive Package

Includes everything in the BASIC Package, plus an internal cellular radio that uses the mobile network and allows the TCT Security system an alternative way to communicate.

View Package

  • IBR-ZREMOTE Module: Provides a secure internal WiFi connection and allows the panel to communicate through your broadband connection.
  • Camera: A secured WiFi camera allows viewing of live video and captures event-driven video clips.

Home Control Package

This package includes everything in the Basic, Interactive, and View Packages, plus:

  • Deadbolt Lock: Allows you to automatically lock or unlock your door remotely.
  • Hardwired thermostat: Allows you to automatically lock or unlock your door remotely.
  • Electrical controls: Allows remote control of your home lighting with an on/off/dimmer light switch, and power on/off of your electrical outlets.

Additional Materials

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