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Protect Your Business


Protect your business with the latest technology from TCT's security solutions.

What are some of the benefits?

  • Combine our Access Control, Video Surveillance or Intrusion services to create an all encompassing security system in one interface
  • Secure your building and grounds 24/7
  • Control access to your facility with security tokens (card, key fob, tag)
  • Control access remotely via your computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Set access levels and schedules
  • Receive automated updates and security alerts
  • Reduce liability with some insurance companies
  • Check on your facility remotely— you can monitor doors, stockrooms and common areas


Simplify your access control with the use of a cloud-based system. Moving to the cloud improves efficiency, reduces IT costs, and streamlines access management, while increasing scalability, availability, security, and convenience compared to traditional on-premise access control. TCT can help you design a system for your facility that will provide you with the secure access points that your business requires. The cloud-based access control system we develop for you will simplify the overall management of your system - providing you with some peace-of-mind.

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An on-premises access control system is just that - on your premises - all the hardware, software, and other necessary equipment for your system are installed and maintained from your physical business location. Control access levels and schedules, receive real-time updates, and monitor areas remotely, all right from your smartphone. Access Control has never been more important, and we make it easy to customize your system to meet your needs. Ditch the hassle of managing who does and doesn’t have keys - this advanced technology will simplify access management - giving your business or facility the security it needs.

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TCT offers a cloud-based surveillance system that simplifies your business's security. Move your existing costly and complex video surveillance system to the cloud with Tyco Cloud from Johnson Controls - offered by TCT. Plug and play 4K cloud cameras with solid state storage or use your existing cameras and add cost effective cloud storage as needed - up to 5 years. A cloud based system gives you the freedom to determine where and how the cloud can best support your surveillance needs. This system works for you - allowing you to securely manage users, devices, and quickly access live and recorded video with a simple web portal.

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With our on-premise video surveillance, we can design a system that is built, managed, and maintained directly within your facility. Our suite of products includes network video recorders, IP cameras, monitors, and accessories. High-definition camera equipment ensures superior image quality. We streamline the installation process, so you will be online in no time. The system can be added to your existing network, or we can set up a separate infrastructure for a seamless integration.

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Having a security system to protect your business and your employees has never been easier. With our leading-edge technology, you’ll find peace of mind knowing you have control of your business and any possible intrusion. Customize your security system to provide the level of protection your office demands.

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