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You Have Questions, We Have Answers


You have questions, we have answers. Here are our most common questions and answers about services, TCT policies, and
more. Need more information? Call our helpful customer service staff at 800.354.2911.


  • What do I do if I’m moving and want to be a new TCT customer?
    • We have resources available about our coverage area to help you get settled and learn about your new home. Give us a call to talk about setting up service for you at 1-800-354-2911.
  • What is an IP address?
    • An IP address is the unique address that every device on the Internet must have. In order for your computer to send messages to an Internet server—such as, which has its own IP address—your computer must have a return address so that the server knows where to send its reply message back to. This process is very similar to the postal mail service. In order for your mail to get to where you want it to go, the destination must have a unique address and likewise for them to send you mail, you must have a unique address.
  • How is my personal account information protected?
    • TCT takes great care in the way that we handle your personal information. This information is known as CPNI, or Customer Proprietary Network Information and federal law regulates how this information needs to be handled.


  • How is fiber internet installed to my home?
    • In most cases, TCT buries fiber conduit underground to your location, also known as the drop (aeriel fiber is also used in some cases). We place a splice case outside the home and run fiber from this point to our indoor ONT. From the ONT we will run CAT5 cable to a wireless router and, optionally, a switch that can provide service to additional wall jacks. Click here to see a diagram of a typical fiber-to-the-home installation.


  • How do I use Auto Recall?
    • Auto Recall will allow you to automatically place a call to the last call made to your telephone set. If the call back cannot be completed immediately because the other telephone line is busy, both your telephone line and the other line will be monitored until they both become available. Once both lines are not in use, you will be given a ringback. When you answer the call, the other party’s telephone will ring and the calls can be connected. To activate Auto Recall, dial *69 (1169 on a rotary telephone) To cancel all outstanding AR attempts, dial *89 (1189 on a rotary telephone).
  • How do I use Automatic Call Back?
    • If the number you wish to call is busy, the switch will monitor your telephone and the line you last called until they both become available. Once both lines are not in use, you will be given a ringback. When you answer the call, the other party’s telephone will ring and the calls can be connected. To activate Automatic Call Back, dial *66 (1166 on a rotary telephone). To cancel all outstanding callback attempts, dial *86 (1186 on a rotary telephone).
  • How do I use Call Trace?
    • Allows you to request an automatic trace of the last call you received. The call trace information will be provided to an authorized agency, such as a law enforcement agency, not to you. When the trace has been activated, an announcement will be returned to you providing information on any further action that may be required regarding the trace. To activate Call Trace: Dial *57 (1157 on a rotary telephone) immediately after you hang up from the call you wish to trace. You must pick up the receiver and get a dial tone before dialing.
  • What is Call Waiting?
    • Call waiting provides a short tone which signals that another person is trying to call you when you are on the telephone. You can place a call on hold, or alternate between the two calls.
  • How do I use Call Waiting?
    • When you hear a Call Waiting tone during a call, press & quickly release the “flash” button or hook switch to swap between the callers. If you hang up while a call is still on hold, you will receive a ringback reminding you to reconnect the call.
  • How do I cancel Call Waiting?
    • You may temporarily turn off your Call Waiting service before placing a call you don’t want interrupted by dialing *70 prior to dialing the number you want to call. To cancel Call Waiting during an active call (when 3-Way Calling is activated) dial *70 during the call.

      To cancel Call Waiting during an active call (when 3-Way Calling is not activated) press and quickly release the “flash” button or hook switch and dial *70 during the call.


  • What is WatchTVEverywhere?
    • WatchTVEverywhere is FREE with your TCT TV subscription. Visit to get started.

      TCT connects you to local, regional, and national events and news — as well as some of the best entertainment and quality programming available. With TCT’s television platform, you not only have the ability to record live TV… you can also watch your recordings in any room in the house! Our Minerva system also offers HD, Caller ID, VUDU apps, and web widgets! TCT offers the most powerful television experience in the Big Horn Basin and it’s right at your fingertips! 

      Learn more and see a list of channels currently available on WatchTVeverywhere

  • How do I program my remote?
    • It’s easy to customize your TCT remote from TCTcontrol. Select your remote below to download a PDF of programming instructions.


  • What are TCT Home Security Services?
    • With TCT Home Security Services, you can turn your home into a “smart home.” Smart homes use technology to control or monitor various functions, like door locks, motion detectors, thermostats, and more. Smart homes provide a sense of security, since you can monitor them remotely, but they also can provide data and information to owners, so you can run your home more efficiently and cost-effectively.
      TCT has a customer-centered business standard that includes:
      - Local professional installation
      - Local technical support
      - Bundled pricing options with other TCT products and services
      - TCT Security is compatible with all Z-Wave devices within your home
      - Private WiFi network for touch screen and cameras
      - Top-of-the-line reliable and trustworthy equipment

      When TCT Security is used as a security system, users can avoid false alarms and associated police fees by taking control of their home security. TCT Security puts you in control to determine what to do when there is an alarm event. Contact us today to talk about home security services available for your residence. 
    • What are the terms and conditions of TCT Security Services?
    • Do I need a landline in my home?
      • No.
    • What do I need in my home to make TCT Security work?
      • In order for TCT Security to work in your home, you will need always-on, broadband service such as fiber, cable or DSL. Dial up service will not work.
    • How does TCT Security alert me if my alarm is triggered?
      • TCT Security can send alerts via recorded voice call, text message, video clip message, or email message. You can also add multiple contacts to receive alarm alerts.
    • Do I need a computer to use TCT Security
      • You don’t need a computer for the TCT Security basic package; however, you will need a computer if you have the Interactive, Touch, or Automation package. You can also access TCT Security functions via a smartphone app.
    • Does my computer need to be on for my system to work?
      • No. Once connected to your broadband Internet service, the TCT Security Gateway connects directly to your home router. No other computer or other equipment is needed.
    • What other devices use TCT Security?
      • Any supported Z-Wave enabled devices will work with TCT Security.
    • Will TCT Security connect to my existing home security system and devices?
      • Yes and no. A site evaluation is required to determine this.
    • How do I get TCT Security for my business?
    • How much does TCT Security cost?
      • Apart from the cost of any additional hardware purchased, the TCT Security packages start as low as $34.99 per month.
    • What happens if I cancel my contract early?
      • You will have to pay 100% of the remainder of your 3-year contract. 
    • What happens if I forget to pay my bill?
      • Accounts that have not been paid in full within 45 days of the bill date will receive a disconnect notice which must be paid within seven calendar days. All services on accounts not paid in full by the date indicated on the disconnect notice will be disconnected unless payment arrangements have been made on the accounts. Subscriber is responsible to call or visit the office to make payment arrangements. Accounts will be disconnected, without further notice, if payment arrangements are not met. If services are disconnected subscriber will be required to pay account balance in full plus a $30.00 re-connect fee. In the event a subscriber issues a returned check, customer agrees to pay a $15.00 charge. 
    • Will I be charged for long distance phone calls when my alarm activates and TCT Security sends an alert?
      • No. There is no charge for long distance phones calls, however, if TCT Security is set to send alerts to a mobile phone, your mobile carrier may charge you for the incoming call or message, depending on your mobile service plan. Please check with your mobile carrier for further details.
    • Will I be charged for text messages (SMS) alerts?
      • TCT Security does not charge for text messaging, but your mobile carrier, depending on your mobile or texting rate plan, may charge you. Please check with your mobile carrier for further details.

    • Can I get TCT Security professionally installed?
      • Yes. As soon as you set up an appointment with TCT, a TCT Security local professional will install your new system.
    • How long does it take to install a TCT Security System?
      • Anywhere from 1-2 days depending on what system you have installed.

    • Once TCT Security is installed, can I add additional devices to the system?
      • Yes. If you would like to add additional devices to your system please call 855-343-4837 and a local TCT representative will schedule a setup date.

    • How do I sign in to my TCT Security System?
    • What if I forgot my password?
    • What web browsers does TCT Security support?
      • Internet Explorer is always recommended.
    • Are there different levels of control between the TCT Security website and the mobile app?
      • Both the website and mobile app offer many common features. The TCT Security mobile app is great for interacting with your home on the go. To configure TCT Security, program schedules, and perform other advanced functions, you will need to use the TCT Security portal website.
    • What smartphones work with the TCT Security app?
      • Any smartphone should work with the system.
    • How do I download the app?
      • You can download the TCT Security Manager mobile app in any app store. Questions? Please call 855-343-4837.
    • Can an unauthorized user access my TCT Security app account?
      • No. As long as you don’t allow anyone access to your username and password your system is secure. However, if you do want to share your username and password, others can access this from their mobile phone or computer.
    • Can I use the web browser on my smartphone or mobile device to access TCT Security?
      • Yes.
    • Can I manage multiple properties/residences through one user account?
      • Yes.
    • Can more than one person be notified if the alarm goes off?
      • Yes. Contact 855-343-4837 to have a TCT administrator specify different contacts to receive different alerts.
    • How do I add, edit, or remove contacts?
      • Call 855-343-4837 to have a TCT administrator remove your contacts.
    • How can I tell if an alert is an emergency or a false alarm?
      • Each home and alarm setup is unique, but some general principles apply. When TCT Security contacts you about an alarm event, it will tell you which sensor or sensors triggered it, depending on how you have configured your system. Your home status/activity log (Interactive, Touch, or Automation services only) will also show which sensors have been triggered, and, if an alarm was canceled, by which means. If, for example, only one contact sensor was triggered and the alarm was canceled at the Keypad with your PIN, you would know that most likely a family member accidentally set off the alarm. If, however, a contact sensor and two motion sensors were triggered during an alarm, and the alarm was not canceled, that would suggest that an unauthorized person had accessed your home.
        You can also set up your TCT Camera to automatically record in the event of an alarm (Touch or Automation service packages only), which can provide great visual confirmation of what is happening in your home whenever an alarm event occurs.
    • Why have I not received any messages from TCT Security?
      • If you are not receiving messages from TCT Security there are some things you can do:
        - Go to your account page by clicking here to verify portal settings (for example, your mobile number, email address, alerts, etc.).
        - Ensure that your TCT Security Gateway is online.
        - To test the alerts, arm the intruder alarm and intentionally trigger it (for example, by opening a window or door with a contact sensor).
        - Some mobile phone companies restrict what they call “premium messages” by default, which will block text messages from TCT Security. This is especially true for phone plans on business accounts.
        - Contact your mobile provider to ensure premium messages are not blocked.
    • Does it cost to have someone come and fix my system?
      • It will not cost you anything to have someone come fix your TCT Security system within the 90-day warranty period. However, after the 90-day warranty period, additional charges will apply for each trip to your house.
    • Will the TCT Security System work if the power goes out at my house?
      • Your home security system will continue to function locally; however, if you have home automation services they will not function without power.
        In this case, the TCT Security Gateway would be unable to communicate with TCT Security. Until the house power comes back on, you would be unable to remotely control or monitor your system.
        When the power is restored to the home and the router and broadband modem reconnect to the Internet, the TCT Security Gateway will automatically reconnect to the TCT Security system.
    • What happens if my broadband Internet connection fails?
      • If your broadband Internet service has an outage, the TCT Security Gateway will continue to monitor and control devices within the home until the Internet service is restored. However, you will not be able to operate the system remotely until the Internet connection is restored. Additionally, TCT Security will not be able send any alert messages while the Internet connection is down
    • How long will batteries last in my TCT Security devices?
      • While battery life will vary by device and environment, we expect the batteries included with your devices to last about a year. Actual battery life will depend on usage and environmental conditions. Devices placed in cold environments, for example, in unheated spaces, will have a significantly shorter battery life. TCT may also send you alerts when your batteries are getting low.
    • Are TCT Security devices waterproof?
      • The only devices that are waterproof are the cameras, key fobs, and the outdoor GFI outlet modules. Other TCT Security devices are splash resistant.
    • What is the warranty on the devices?
      • There is a 90-day warranty on all TCT Security devices after installation.


    • Does TCT provide email service?
      • TCT no longer provides email service. We recommend Google’s Gmail as a primary email service. They offer many additional services, such as cloud storage space, Google Plus, and the Google Online office productivity suite. If you have an Android-based smart phone, you likely already have a Google account that could be used for Gmail.